Melissa Woolf- Owner and Instructor

Melissa has over 30 years of dance experience. She started her dance training while growing up in New York and at a young age Melissa was shown the love of dance, music, and movement by her own instructors. After moving to Colorado in 1993, she continued her dance training with local studios in the Denver area. Melissa received her BA in Psychology from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She worked as a Special Education Assistant Teacher for Douglas County Preschools. When she is not dancing and teaching, Melissa enjoys her time at home with her husband and two young children. Melissa is excited to now be combining the best of both her worlds with InsideOut Creative Movement, early childhood education and dance! InsideOut uses the Nurturing Pathways® Program and will provide Colorado families the opportunity to grow the mind through movement! Let’s Move to Learn and Play to Grow!

Melissa Woolf

Carly Davino – Instructor

Carly has 15 years of childcare experience. She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Literature, and a certificate in Early Childhood Development. Working with young children has been Carly’s passion, and over the years she has become a very confident and comfortable caregiver. She loves watching and helping children learn, and encouraging them to safely explore and enjoy their environment. She has been extremely excited to learn and grow through the Inside Out Creative Movement style of learning for the youngest kiddos.

Carly Davino

The Nurturing Pathways® Program

  • The Nurturing Pathways® Program is derived from scientific research on the brain-body connection.
  • Movement is the gateway for learning during a child’s first four years because of its positive impact on development and school readiness.
  • The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum is built upon the “Four Legs for Learning;” bonding and attachment, dance concepts, energy coordination patterns, and sensory pathways.  These pillars support the fact that young children need to move to learn and play to grow.
  • The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum targets age appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory and social-emotional development as well as parent education.
  • Nurturing Pathways® offers creative dance classes for families, parent education workshops, educators’ workshops, licensing for instructors and a line of Creative Play Products™.


Nurturing Pathways®, Inc was founded in 2001 by Christine Roberts who combined her passion for dance with brain development and early childhood. After years of teaching dance and performing professionally, Christine wanted to turn her attention to the formative years that constitute a prime time for learning; infant up to school aged.

Initially founded to address the needs of infants in care giving environments the company expanded when the program was discovered by Pigeon Hearts in Tokyo, Japan. Their interest in Nurturing Pathways® led to developing the Certification Program launched in 2005. Training and certification by the founder occurs annually in Seattle, WA and continues to build a national and international group of instructors who teach the program at dance studios, community centers, health clubs, urban play spaces, day-cares, early intervention and parent education programs.

Nurturing Pathways® is now spreading the word with its creative dance program, Creative Play™ products, and workshops for educators that movement is a catalyst for organizing early cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Parents experience fun and pleasure dancing with their child and discover movement is the gateway for learning!


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